Know where to go when you're in Hong Kong for

Did you know:

From the airport

You can take a taxi into town for approx 300HKD, or take the airport express train for 129HKD roundtrip via Klook.

Travelling into town with the airport express is recommended. Klook has the best deal on airport express tickets.

Getting around

Finding the way

Google maps and Citymapper both work really well.


You can get sim cards at every phone shop in town, they are cheap and good. The venue won’t provide any Wifi, so get some extra data if you want to be online these days.


Foursquare (app) has a lot of recommendations liked by Westerners, whereas OpenRice is a more local Hong Kong restaurant website with every single one restaurant listed.

Things to do

Tripadvisor has a list which is pretty accurate.


The touristy and fast way up to the Peak is with the peak tram. Before you go, check how busy it is by typing ‘peak tram hong kong’ into Google.

If it's very busy, take bus 15 to the top, or a taxi.


Hong Kong is great to hike. It will be hot, make sure you bring enough water.

Hong Hong Hikes describes the hikes the best way. Dragons back is highly recommended.

More tips?

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