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Why we do this, again?

Always start with Why


With our goal is to inspire the web community to bring the state of the web in Asia (and particularly Hong Kong) to a higher level.

We want to do this through organising a high quality web conference with international level speakers, that educates, inspires and creates energy.

2017 Speakers and Team


We started small in 2017, when we ran a (sold out) workshop and a one-day conference. From 2018 we will run in the preferred format, with two workshops and two conference days.

We are running a single track with 6 talks a day. Great content is the key to an awesome conference, but time to stretch your legs, drink coffee and have fun with other people greatly enhances the experience.

We prefer single track, because we think there’s something in every talk for everyone. Curating ourselves means picking the best storytellers in the topics we find relevant. is meant for everybody involved in building websites so even though most talks dive fairly deep, we make sure all our speakers are of awesome quality to keep everybody engaged.


We’re a non-profit conference - so all ticket revenue (and our lovely sponsors’ contributions) will go towards our visitors’ experience! We want to bring the web forward in Hong Kong, and therefore want to keep things affordable.

If you would like to help and would like to spread the word, that would be great. Send us an email or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter.

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Who is primarily run by freelance web developer Charis Rooda, who has been building websites herself for over 15 years. As a conference junkie herself she has helped organise Fronteers Conference in Amsterdam and has run multiple meetup events before starting Webconf. She is occasionally helped a by husband Jarijn Nijkamp and senior advisor Ferdinand.

The visual style is by Rogier Rosema from Things to Make and Do.

The real heroes, however, are the excellent team of volunteers, who all work in the web scene themselves. would never be able to run without these people, so please say 👋 to them.

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